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Learning More About Global Technical Services

December 28, 2016

August 25, 2016

As our operations have expanded to take on larger, more-complex projects, the need for internal training has also grown; as well as our need for skilled Quality Assurance (QA) and inspection personnel. Global Technical Services (GTS) was created to provide our customers with turnkey solutions for these industry needs.

“We do things at a very competitive rate without sacrificing quality,” says Billy Christensen, Operations Manager. “In our industry, integrity is huge. We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, safety, and efficiency.”

Some current projects include a large-scale tank storage in Galena, Alaska; working with PG&E in California on non-destructive testing (NDT) program auditing and training, as well as multiple tank inspection; and ongoing NDT training classes at Diver’s Institute of Technology in Seattle, WA.


NDT Training
Global’s staff includes a core group of some of the most experienced, skilled professionals in the aviation, railroad, gas, petrochemical, and nuclear industries, where NDT plays a major role. This wealth of experience is brought forth in our training courses to provide a balanced academic and hands-on approach. “The qualifications for our instructors are extremely high,” says Marty Anderson, Training Manager. “You know you’re getting the best in the business.” GTS is the primary training provider to the Alaska Railroad, as well as Canadian Pacific Railroad and Northern Air Maintenance.

Quality Assurance and Auditing
GTS provides QA and auditing services to a growing range of clients subject to federal and state regulatory compliance. Auditors assess adherence to company written practices, as well as governmental requirements. Services include vendor surveillance and internal/external QA assessments.

Site Inspections
GTS performs a wide range of inspections for mechanical integrity; including API, NACE, AWS, and PSM inspections. Experienced inspectors thoroughly test piping, tanks, pipelines, bridges, boilers, turbines, and other metal structures for any sign of damage or corrosion.


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