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A Deeper Look at Global’s Commitment to Reliability & Dependability

Here at Global we approach every job with the respect, attention, and focus it deserves – no matter how difficult or routine it may be. Underlying that dedication to getting the job done efficiently and effectively are two key guiding principles: reliability and dependability. “Repeat customers call us because they know what they’re going to … Continue reading A Deeper Look at Global’s Commitment to Reliability & Dependability

Salvage & Wreck Services: Answering the Call Anytime, Anywhere

December 23, 2016 Global’s service offerings have expanded significantly since our initial focus on diving operations in 1979, but one of our founding capabilities – salvage and wreck operations – continues to be a success through the completion of hundreds of projects around the world. While every call is unique, our team brings quick response, … Continue reading Salvage & Wreck Services: Answering the Call Anytime, Anywhere

Three Decades of Underwater Excellence

Founded in 1979,Global started as a group of six dedicated,independent divers,all with the goal to make a living doing what they loved. Today,the company is the largest provider of marine construction and support services on the West Coast. We’ve come a long way by delivering on the toughest jobs and remaining true to our passion for diving,performance,and safety.

Prior to Global’s founding,the diving and salvage industry was primarily composed of freelance two-man teams – a diver and tender. As shipyards grew in the Pacific Northwest,the need for formalized marine-services companies grew as well. The passing of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969,which mandated that companies clean up maritime oil spills,also meant business was booming.

To meet this new demand,several outfits formed,including Seattle-based Crowley Environmental Services (CES). It was here that Global’s founders — John Graham,Greg Harem,Thom Davis,Mark Niccoli,Norm McCullum,and Joe Antounucci – first met. “Crowley has to be credited with teaching us much of what we learned,” says Thom Davis. “It was a great company to work for.”

The founders discussed starting their own diving company for nearly a year. Within CES,they were already essentially running their own business,and calling their own shots. Once decided,they moved forward quickly. Greg Harem was elected company president over drinks at a lounge at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport,minutes after returning from a dive job. So they dubbed their newfound company Global Diving & Salvage.

After a trying first year,Global established itself as a reliable crew of skilled,determined professionals. One invaluable customer was Dave Anderson,dockmaster at Todd Pacific Shipyard,who met the Global team while they were with CES. Impressed by their ability to safely complete any job,whatever the hour or conditions,he made them his single call for his diving needs. “These guys learned so quickly,” Anderson says. “They knew what I wanted before I even knew what I wanted.”

As our reputation has grown,so have our equipment resources,service offerings,and customer base. Today we have four regional offices across the U.S. Our crews work around the world,completing major construction projects,cleaning up oil spills,and salvaging vessels. All projects are preformed with the highest dedication to crew safety and performance excellence. We also provide ship husbandry,training,non-destructive testing,QA inspections,and marine consulting services to public and private organizations across the globe.

The Global Story

A small group of professional divers banded together in 1979 with the purpose of providing day-to-day diving,ship husbandry,marine construction,small vessel salvage,and spill response services in the Puget Sound region. Their philosophy was simple: provide tough,smart,and professional services for the maritime community,deliver outstanding customer service,and focus on employee safety.

The company was incorporated in 1980 as Global Diving & Salvage,Inc.,and it came to be known for its tenacious approach to every job. Each task was treated as the most important project on the books – from simple vessel surveys to fully-managed wreck removals. Tim Beaver,John Graham,and five others brought this philosophy to life and established a company built on their own heritage of craftsmanship,professional partnership,and environmental stewardship. They found success by developing,engaging,and igniting the passion of their people.

Today,the Global team serves clients throughout the world. Global believes that only when expertise is coupled with integrity can we be the proven solutions provider; resulting in confidence,value,and safety for our customers.

Our mission is to stimulate professional pride and passion in our craft and provide our clients and partners with safe and effective solutions to complex problems even under the most difficult conditions.

In 2016,the Global team is eager to unveil a new brand and website later this year. While the company will have an updated look and feel,Global has always – and will always – place safety above all else.

Global’s Katy Stewart Takes on R2AK

Global Diving & Salvage is pleased to support Team Onism as they participate in the R2Ak (Race to Alaska). The team is comprised of Jenny Goff,Emily Silgard,and Katy Stewart (Asset Coordinator at Global). Beginning June 23,Team Onism will brave the 750-mile journey from Port Townsend to Ketchikan through the inside Passage. The stakes are high with a grand prize of $10,000. Learn more about the race at And read more about the adventures and perils of R2AK in this feature article from Northwest Yachting (

Patriot Award given to Devon Grennan and Jennifer Jensen

The Patriot Award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense,Employer Support of the National Guard and Reserve was given to Devon Grennan and Jennifer Jensen in acknowledgement of Global Diving & Salvage’s continued support of Jeff Birchfield,Global’s HSE Manager and a Staff Sergeant in the Washington Army National Guard.

Global Establishes Southern California Location

Global Diving & Salvage,Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of its California Regional operations with the addition of a new office in Southern California. Located in Signal Hill near Long Beach,the new office supports Global’s core service lines; Marine Construction,Casualty Response and Offshore Support. Danny Broadhurst,Global’s California Operations Manager and Manager of the new facility,is excited to have this newly established regional presence: “This new location will ensure rapid response and support to clients in the Ports of Los Angeles,Long Beach,San Diego as well as throughout the Southwest.” Broadhurst goes on to say “as the largest diving company on the west coast,Global’s continued expansion of regional capacities will provide customers with the quality of service known as ‘The Global Way’. In addition to adhering to Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) policies and recommendations,Global is now one of the few dive companies in North America to have been audited and accepted as a member of IMCA (International Maritime Contractors Association). IMCA promotes health,safety,environment,quality and efficiency,and technical guidance for companies and organizations engaged in delivering offshore,marine and underwater solutions”.