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MSNBC Interview about Malyasian Flight 370

MSNBC recently contacted Global with questions regarding the recent reporting of possible debris sightings from a satellite from Malaysian Airline Flight 370. As industry experts on challenging salvage operations,Global’s Kerry Walsh,Salvage Master,was interviewed by Ed Schultz of The Ed Show to shed some light on the difficult situation of locating and retrieving wreckage at depth.

See the entire segment on MSNBC.

Washington State Department of Ecology hires Global to raise 140-foot fish boat in Penn Cove,WA

Global has been hired by the Washington State Department of Ecology to raise and remove a 140-foot fish boat that burned and sank in Penn Cove,WA.

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Divers surveying Deep Sea wreck to aid salvage planning

COUPEVILLE,Wash. – A salvage company dive team,hired by the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology),is surveying the submerged wreck of the former fishing vessel Deep Sea today in Penn Cover near Coupeville.

Information from the dive will aid efforts to plan for the raising of the vessel,which sank on May 13,2012,after a fire. Ecology maintains a standing salvage contract with Global Diving and Salvage,Inc.,as part of the department’s spill response mission. The company will conduct the salvage operation for Ecology.

The vessel rests on state-owned aquatic lands managed by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Plans for the salvage operation are still being developed,with no date set for raising the vessel.

Ecology and DNR seek a prompt and safe removal of the wreck because it likely contains an unknown amount of oil and hazardous materials that could be released into the water as the steel structure rusts over time.

Meanwhile,environmental response crews hired by Ecology continue to tend and monitor oil-spill containment boom placed around the site of the wreck. The crews are removing small amounts of oil – that periodically float up from the wreck into the boomed area – with oil-spill cleanup materials.

Divers and other responders hired by the U.S. Coast Guard removed or recovered at least 3,600 gallons of diesel fuel from the wreck in the first five days after the sinking. The 128-foot vessel rests on its left side in about 60 feet of water.

Beaver & DeVilbiss Elected to ASA Leadership

Global is proud to announce the new American Salvage Association executive leadership now includes Tim Beavers,CEO and David DeVilbiss,Alaska Regional Manager. Beaver has been elected as the new President and DeVilbiss has risen into the ASA’s Executive Committee.

“This new leadership team will serve to energize the ASA’s approach to the diverse fronts tackled by the ASA,” stated Beaver. He adds,“This year and beyond,ASA will remain focused on the OPA 90 salvage and marine firefighting regulations for tank vessels,pending regulations for non-tank vessels,responder immunity,Arctic response,the ongoing Quality Partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard,as well as continuing to strengthen our industry’s commitment to the marine environment.”