M/V Stryker

September , 2010

Global Diving and Salvage Inc. responded to the M/V STRYKER, a 140’ x 40’ self propelled barge which suffered damage causing part of the vessel to founder and settle to the seafloor while providing support services to the energy sector. A Global Salvage Master, Salvage Engineer, and dive team were immediately called to the remote waters near Oooguruk Island in the Arctic’s Beaufort Sea to effect refloating and recovery operations. Global resources were mobilized out of their Anchorage, AK office. Faced with deteriorating weather conditions, Global Diving & Salvage, with strong support from the vessels owners, successfully refloated the M/V STRYKER and delivered the vessel and her cargo safely to shore at Oliktok Point.
News:9/15/10: Coast Guard responding to barge sinking West of Prudhoe Bay (Coast Guard News)