North Area Dive Bundle

March , 2013

Provided project management and supervision for three simultaneous projects, each with unique scopes, bundled into one contract. Project demonstrated Global’s ability to manage a complex project by assembling a command structure to oversee and facilitate the individual projects, at three remote job sites located approximately 70 miles from each other.

The command structure included; a Project Superintendent, acting as the single point of contact with the owner and providing continuity between the three job sites, a resident engineer to maintain the submittal roster as well as address unforeseen issues as they arose, and an administrative coordinator to monitor the submittal and paper flow that ensues with a project of this magnitude.

Over 700 dives were performed between the three job sites in water ranging from 25 to 205 feet at altitudes of up to 3,800 feet above sea level. Approximately 3,000 cubic yards of river debris was removed, 50 cubic yards of concrete and grout were placed, and 150,000 pounds of steel were added.