Remote Alaska Beach Tug and Barge Salvage

January , 2013

Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. was called to respond to the grounding of a tug and barge on remote Ukolnoi Island, one of the Pavlof Islands situated within the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge near Pavlof Bay. Global mobilized two salvage masters, a salvage engineer, and salvage technicians as well as local responders to the site. Three towing vessels, one spill response vessel, a hydrographic survey vessel, two barges, two landing craft, two dive support vessels along with specialized salvage equipment were mobilized and participated in the operation. The exposed area required careful staging of personnel and equipment to be able to take advantage of weather opportunities as they arose.
Working closely with the client’s personnel, the bulk of the 97 containers were removed from the barge to lighten the ground reaction. All frozen containers were kept frozen and all cargo was salved. 14,000 gallons of diesel fuel were removed from the tug before temporary repairs were affected and it was refloated. Compressed air provided by specialized high capacity salvage blowers was used to refloat the barge due to the condition of the bottom plate. Both vessels were taken to safe harbor for final disposition and repair.