Dive Equipment

Hazmat equipment

Global’s HAZMAT equipment is an essential part of our dive gear. It allows the divers to respond to oil spills, chemical removals, sewage treatment plants, rendering plants, and a large variety of their circumstances. The divers are fully contained inside the suits to protect them from the outside environment.

Hot water suits

Hot water suits are connected to a diver’s umbilical with a hot water hose, which supplies a consistent supply of hot water. Depending on the diver’s activity level, they can communicate with the surface to control their exact temperature allowing for longer work time underwater.

Potable water equipment

Global’s potable water equipment is maintained in an isolated, contaminant-free environment. This dive gear protects the potable water from any contamination that could be shared between the diver and environment.

Our dive gear includes hot water suits, dry suits, and specialty equipment for task-specific jobs such as diving in hazardous materials, potable water, or black water. Equipment can be shipped anywhere at any time. All gear is kept in peak condition. We service all equipment according to manufacturer-scheduled maintenance plans. Certificates of inspection are available upon request.

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