Emergency Response Gear

Boom trailer

The boom trailer is a flatbed trailer that is stocked with 2,000′ of 20” oil containment boom. A 14′ skiff and anchor systems are stored on top of the trailer for rapid deployment.

Emergency response trailers

The primary tool for sunken vessels and oil spills is our emergency response trailers. The trailers are outfitted with a skiff, containment boom, sorbent materials, skimmer, dewatering tool, damage control kit, and more to handle small-scale spill response.

Pumps & tankage

Our inventory of pumps includes peristaltic pumps for underwater defueling, 2”, 3”, and 4” trash pumps for dewatering, and Moyno pumps for heavy products. We are also the custodian/operator of TK-6 and CCN-150 pumping systems owned by Marine Pollution Control out of Detroit. Our inventory of tanks includes several 250 gallon stainless tote tanks, 250 gallon poly tanks, and miscellaneous drums and overpacks.

Shoreline clean-up trailers

Our first line of defense for oil spills is our response trailers. Our trailers are staged to mobilize from both Washington and California and are stocked with oil snare, tools, and personal protective equipment to sustain a 100-person crew for up to a week.


Global is equipped to handle a wide range of projects including: deep-water vessel and cargo recovery, wreck and debris removal, heavy-lift operations, dead-ship towing and open-ocean scuttling. Our specialized equipment includes:

  • Beach gear
  • Emergency towing packages
  • GHS software
  • ROV fleet
  • Lift bags
  • Remote cargo-sampling tool
  • High-capacity pumps & salvage blowers
  • Specialized vessel-lifting equipment
  • Subsurface sonar survey tools
  • Underwater hot tapping & fuel-oil heating equipment

Spill recovery equipment

We have on-water recovery capacity; including skimmers, Skim Paks, fuzzy disc skimmers, rope mops, sorbent materials and more for immediate response.

For more than 35 years we have refined our trailer-response packages to include key essentials for emergencies; from large-scale shoreline cleanup to small marina response. Equipment is pre-staged to expedite response and maintained to ensure proper operation.

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