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Antipodes submersible

Antipodes is a manned submersible used for commercial and scientific exploration by researchers, scientists, filmmakers, and content providers.

Antipodes can safely dive to depths of 1,000 feet (305 meters), which allows access to much of the world’s continental shelves. This submersible accommodates a crew of five, including a pilot, and boasts two 58-inch hemispherical acrylic domes to provide 150-degree views from bow and stern for direct observation and filming. A gross weight of 14,000 lbs (6,350 kg) and a compact size of 15′ by 7.8′ by 8′ allows for portability and launch from a variety of ships.  Learn More

Antipodes Specifications

Cyclops 1 submersible

Cyclops 1 is a fully functional manned submersible with a depth rating of 1,600 feet (500 meters) and is used for commercial and scientific exploration.

Cyclops 1 accommodates a crew of four, plus a pilot, and features a 55” hemispherical acrylic dome for 150-degree views of the underwater environment. As a support system, the Cyclops 1 submersible is accompanied by a Launch and Retrieval System (LARS), which is operated similarly to a ship dry dock. During operations, LARS is submerged to depths of 5 to 10 meters to avoid surface turbulence where it then provides a stable underwater platform, well below the effects of surface waves, from which Cyclops 1 can lift off of and then return to after each dive

Cyclops is a trademark of OceanGate Inc.  Learn More

Cyclops 1 Specifications

Titan submersible

With a depth range of 13,000 feet (4,000 meters), Titan will usher in a new era of submersible innovation and access to the deep ocean for commercial exploration and research ventures. Once validation is complete, Titan will be the only privately-owned manned submersible capable of reaching this depth. Titan will allow up to five crew members (a pilot and four passengers) to dive to the oceans’ depths for environmental assessments, inspection, equipment testing, mapping, data collection, and subsea operations.

Titan is a trademark of OceanGate Inc.  Learn More

Manned submersibles provide safe access to deep water in comfortable, pressurized environments. Working in partnership with OceanGate, Inc. - a leading provider of manned submersibles - we deliver the benefits of visual confirmation and real-time analysis in deep water.

With a capacity of up to five people and deployable on relatively short notice, manned submersibles can be invaluable to salvage and dive operations in harsh environments. Each submersible is configured with video/camera capabilities, advanced sonar navigation, and specialty lighting.

A wide variety of optional equipment can be outfitted on select submersibles for site-specific needs. For more information visit,

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