Waterfront Service Gear

Containment systems

We provide containment systems for a range of materials including fuel and oil spills, debris, and silt. We can design, install, and maintain a permanent containment boom installation at your facility designed specifically for your needs. If your project requires containment or exclusion of debris on a project, we can provide you with abrasion resistant debris barrier for rent or purchase.

We have also developed a two-piece silt barrier that can be reused and significantly reduces costs compared to other high-priced disposable barriers. We are able to custom manufacture the required depth and assist with your installation needs.


We have a variety of fendering options to guard ships from docks or other vessels. Our inventory of fenders includes those with and without chain and tire protection. Typical sizes include: 4’x5′, 5’x7′, and 8’x12′. We routinely install, rent, sell new, or repair your existing pneumatic fenders. We can also assess your needs and develop a plan to achieve the standoff your project requires.

Global provides all aspects of spill containment and waterfront service. We regularly supply, install, and remove containment systems and fenders in all of our service regions. All of our gear is the highest quality and available for rent or purchase. Whether you require fenders for a vessel, containment boom for a lightering operation, debris barriers for a marine construction project, or silt barrier for a dredging project, we’ve got you covered. We also supply accessories ranging from tow plates, anchor systems, and boom lights to new end plates, toggle pins, and other repair materials.

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